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Ensure that the time standards for commercial disputes are adhered for the following key court events:  
i.    First hearing; 
ii.    Filing of the statement of defense; 
iii.    Completion of the evidence period;
iv.    Filing of testimony by expert; and 
v.    Submission of the final judgment

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Limit the maximum number of adjournments that can be granted in commercial disputes

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Limit the adjournments to unforeseen and exceptional circumstances

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Design and develop an online single window system for granting construction permits with following functionalities: 
i. A common integrated application for all internal and external agencies required to provide applicable NOCs/Approvals such as Fire Services, Water and Sewerage Department, Discoms, AAI, NMA, Forest, labour, Factory Directorate etc.
ii. Provision for making an online application with integrated payment without the need for a physical touch point for document submission and verification
iii. The system should allow auto scrutiny of building plans from compliance perspective according to the uniform building codes/building by-law using Auto DCR (or similar) software
iv. Ensure that the system issues digitally signed approved building plan within 30 days from the date of application
v. Provision for e-intimation to authorities of plinth level completion
vi. Provision for online issuance of certificate of inspections
vii. Provision for online common completion request form cum Occupancy Certificate Application with online payment
viii. Provision for online issuance of digitally signed occupancy cum completion certificate to the applicant

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