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Guidance regarding Submission of Evidence

Updated Guidelines

Clarification No. 1/BRAP 2017

Dated: 13th July 2017

  1. A reform that has not been implemented by the State/UT must not be submitted as ‘Not applicable’.Wherever a response to a reform point is N/A, supporting documents such as notification etc. should be provided as evidence.
  2. The submission of the State/UT on a recommendation (reform measure) must be comprehensive and complete in itself. Since they are being evaluated individually, it should not refer to evidence/remarks submitted in any other recommendation.
  3. Response to a clarification sought by DIPP should also be complete in itself and should also include all relevant evidence submitted previously. The portal does not create threads of past information and mere incremental responses are difficult to evaluate.
  4. Office Orders/Circulars/Notifications to implement a reform would be considered only when signed and issued on or before 31st October, 2017.
  5. The URLs/links submitted as evidence should not direct to the homepage of portal, rather to the exact link on the portal.
  6. On timeline related reforms, descriptions mentioned in the implementation guide would be the reference point for evaluation of each recommendation. Public Service Delivery Guarantee Act or equivalent has to be passed for defining timelines whereverapplicable. Any notification, order, citizen charter from the state as evidence shall not suffice.
  7. In case multiple documents need to be uploaded, they may be combined into a single PDF and uploaded
  8. When submitting evidence of implementation of online system related recommendation, State/UT Governments are encouraged to provide following evidences (any one):
    1. Links to uploaded videos of user walkthrough
    2. Screenshots to prove the functionality of the system.
    3. Dummy ID to check the functionality.
  9. For any service where the State/UT has up to 10 applications in a year, they are not required to develop an online system. But all the other recommendation related to the service including procedure, document checklist, and timelinehas to be adhered to by the State/UT.The States/UTs are requested to submit a letter signed by Competent Authority stating that under the particular service, there are only up to 10 applications ina year. Such States will receive a N/A.
  10. As part of BRAP 2015 and 2016, all States/UTs had to make provision of uploading inspection reports on the portal within 72 hours/48 hours. The reports must have been uploaded by the inspector on the online system. Hence, as part of BRAP 2017, all States/UTs are required to “Allow establishments to view and download submitted inspection reports of at least past two years”, that is from the year 2015 and not prior to that.
  11. In many instances, DIPP has noted that the links/URL provided by States/UTs as evidence in 2016 is not working. Hence, all States/UTs are requested to upload the evidence again as part of 2017 reforms after checking all the evidences (i.e. links and documents) before and after uploading to make sure they are valid and functional.
  12. Kindly check the reform area and recommendation before uploading evidence as the numbering may be different. DIPP is updating the website and any inconvenience caused is regretted.
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